Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes Wiki

The following is a How to Play Guide for Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes

Tips And Tricks

  • (Spade): If you run out of ammo, use your spade as a melee weapon.
  • (Spade): It brings many battle tactics. You can dig holes to hide in the ground, break through walls, etc. Let your creativity run wild.
  • (Pistols): One-handed weapons can be used in water. Use this to your advantage when swimming.
  • (Grenade Launcher): Grenades bounce off walls, but instantly explode when they come into contact with enemies.
  • (Items): If you drop an item, you can find it lying next to you on your right.
  • (Weapons): Being in water shields some shooting damage, but does not completely protect you.
  • (Reliability): Shows ratio between finished and cancelled online session of each player.
  • (Radar map): Spade, HK USP Tactical and M4A1 Carbine are not visible on the radar map.
  • (Radar map): Sniper rifles are not visible on the radar map except when shooting.
  • (Radar map): The radar map helps you orientate yourself. Use it to navigate through a map, find opponents, or locate spawn blocks.
  • (Scopes): Steyr AUG A3 and sniper rifle are equipped with scopes. Use them to shoot more accurately.
  • (Gyro): Turn on gyro mode to use motion controls when aiming.
  • (Pro Controller): Check out the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It ROCKS!
  • (Define buttons): Don't like the default controls? Simply redefine them and choose your own.
  • (Zombie mode): Your default weapon will be reloaded at the beginning at every round.
  • (Zombie mode): If you get closer to the witch Boss, she will start retreating.
  • (Zombie mode): Boss zombies are able to respawn their comrades. Eliminate the Bosses first if you want to win.
  • (Zombie mode): If you get five headshots in a row it enables Hero Mode, giving you extra power shots.
  • (Zombie mode): When you complete all maps with 20 or 40 waves, you will unlock the Bonus maps.
  • (Zombie mode): Zombies move faster in water.
  • (Zombie mode): Eliminate the Boss and enjoy a special drop surprise!
  • (Skin editor): Design your own hero. Paint their skin, choose their hairstyle, their weapon, and more!
  • (Show custom skins): Custom skins can be visible to your opponents in online multiplayer.
  • (Hit zones): Try to aim for an opponent’s head to cause more damage. Hitting their legs and hands causes less damage than hitting their body.
  • (Invincibility): When you respawn, you are invincible for 5 seconds or until you start shooting.
  • (Lava blocks): Some blocks (like lava blocks) may cause damage. Don't touch them.
  • (Soccer mode): When you use a bonus, you can only get another bonus after the activated bonus is over.
  • (Soccer mode): if you get the bonus 'Big Ball' while the referee is still standing, the ball will become even bigger.
  • (Soccer mode): Shoot down an eagle to get a box with a special bonus.
  • (Soccer mode): Some weapons have Burst Mode. This is a great way to eliminate your opponents quicker.
  • (Custom blocks): You can design custom blocks in the editor. Set attributes and share them online in you maps.

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